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Dr. Allison Lees


Dr. Allison Lees is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. She is originally from Oklahoma and has begun her chiropractic practice in Nichols Hills at Performance Life Chiropractic and now at Fit Spa. Dr. Allison is a former collegiate soccer player and personal trainer with a passion for health and helping others. She loves working with athletes and specializes in sports injury treatment & prevention, as well as issues of the neck, back and extremities. She is certified in Advanced Muscle Integration Technique and a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Dr. Allison has extensive training in muscle evaluation and activation, as well as myofascial release and other techniques, to aid her patients in their recovery process and path to wellness.


Dr. Mila Mohzenzadah

DC, Board certified in Acupuncture and Injections

Dr. Mila Mohsenzadeh graduated Cum Laude from Parker University in 2017 as well as graduating with a bachelors of Science in Biology from UCO. On top of her schooling, she has had the opportunity to serve overseas working alongside a pain management doctor. Dr. Mila is extremely passionate about helping others with her extensive knowledge of techniques and procedures for treating rehabilitation and physics and muscle skeletal dysfunctions. When asked about her love and drive for chiropractic she said, “ This profession is so rewarding, knowing that you are making a real difference in the lives of your patients. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your patients get back to activities of daily living, from being able to hold their kids, or getting back to their favorite sports and activities. When Dr. Mila is in her free time, she enjoys painting and being creative. She actually opened her first art gallery at the age of seventeen! We are beyond excited for the amazing skillset and personality that Dr. Mila brings to the Fit Spa family.


Ashlea Wright

NeuFit Specialist, Certified in TCM Acupuncture, Sports Med CPT and Nutritional Therapy

Ashlea's  life’s work is dedicated to guiding clients to their own personal healing. Certified by the Oklahoma Healing Arts Institute in TCM Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Ashlea incorporates a wide range of techniques and philosophies to assist her clients in reaching their highest level of wellbeing. As a NASM CPT and NeuFit Specialist, Ashlea understands the interrelated nature of body, nervous system and mind. Drawing on her own athletic experience, her yoga practice, and her knowledge of nutritional therapy, Ashlea is able to offer a unique and personal experience to those seeking to repair and revitalize their body and spirit. Ashlea’s faith in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, in conjunction with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, has enabled her to help her patients heal and thrive. You can book directly through Fit Spa's MindBody app.


Mason Dempsey

Head of Operations and Branding

Mason is Fit Spa’s Branding/Marketing Manager, who takes attention to detail and making all things pretty to another level. With a professional background in Client Services and Hospitality Management, his can-do/will-do attitude is contagious as is his ability to genuinely connect with Fit Spa’s team and guests. In his freetime, you can find him making art or doing all things creative, and spending time with his fur babies, Beau and Adi.


Chelsey Sapp

Wellness Coordinator

Chelsey previously made a career change from the beauty industry to the health and wellness field after an accident that put her in a wheelchair. It was through her own journey that she fell in love with physical rehabilitation, exercise, meditation, nutrition, and hiking. After experiencing those many health issues she began exploring alternative holistic medicine, where she could heal through nutrition, exercise, and the great outdoors!

Chelsey is also a lover of all animals, and would rescue every single one if she could, and believes that laughter is the best medicine, while striving to bring a smile and positive energy to everyone she meets!


Michelle Coleman

Licensed Esthetician 

Michelle Coleman is Fit Spa’s Esthetician and she has had a lifelong passion for skincare that started from her own struggles with severely sensitive, problematic and confidence-killing skin. She became a licensed Esthetician in 2020 and Michelle has made it her mission to help people with their skin the way she needed help. She prides herself in catering each service to her client’s specific needs while also giving them a place to relax and decompress.


Katelynne Brooks

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Katelynne is one of Fit Spa’s talented massage therapists, with a certification from Central State Wellness College. An Oklahoman born and raised, she spends her downtime with her family, is an avid reader and loves to sing in the car. Katelynne’s specialties:  Cupping, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Geriatric, Swedish (Relaxation), Deep Tissue and Sports massages. 


Elizabeth Thompson

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Elizabeth graduated in Northern California from Bryan College in 2010 for Advanced therapeutic massage and bodywork. Elizabeth is skilled in many different types of massage techniques and brings such a wonderful aspect to the Fit Spa family. In Elizabeth's free time you can find her practicing Yoga, hanging with her adorable dog Dapper, or spending time decorating her house and making it a home. 


Cameron Blevins

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Cameron has been a massage therapist since 2005 where He started working in conjunction with a Chiropractor in Colorado. He took a few years off to spend time with his wife and kids, then re-found his love for massage therapy. Cameron also has a love for most all athletics and enjoys the rehab benefits that massage provides. Since 2012 he has had the opportunity to work on the OU football team, as well as basketball teams, and OU gymnastics. Cameron's experience and knowledge for the athletic body has been an incredible asset to the Fit Spa Team.



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