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Ben Andrews


Dr. Benjamin Andrews is a graduate of Life University in Marietta, GA and found Chiropractic in the rowing world. Rowing competitively at the national in high school and Division 1 collegiate level, he fell in love with the sport and after college began coaching at Saugatuck rowing club. He soon found that Chiropractic care was the key to whether his team went to Nationals or on to Worlds. He started at Life University only 2 weeks after his first adjustment, but understood the power Chiropractic has on human performance. At Life University he discovered his passion for sports performance and extremity adjusting. As a “technique guru”, Dr. Ben has many methods - from the founders of chiropractic to the latest myofascial work from podcasts, he gets people back to their optimal performance.  

Allison Lees


Dr. Allison Lees is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. She is originally from Oklahoma and has begun her chiropractic practice in Nichols Hills at Performance Life Chiropractic and now at Fit Spa. Dr. Allison is a former collegiate soccer player and personal trainer with a passion for health and helping others. She loves working with athletes and specializes in sports injury treatment & prevention, as well as issues of the neck, back and extremities. She is certified in Advanced Muscle Integration Technique and a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Dr. Allison has extensive training in muscle evaluation and activation, as well as myofascial release and other techniques, to aid her patients in their recovery process and path to wellness.

Joanna Eaves

General Manager

Joanna comes to us with an extensive background in client relations, primarily in the marketing/compliance sector in financial services. Her passion is in the details, multi-tasking, and project management but she especially loves helping people feel cared for and valued. In her downtime, you’ll find her mothering neighborhood strays, doing living room HIIT workouts, community volunteering, pursuing the perfect OKC french fry and planning trips back East to see family and friends.

Ashlea Wright

Acupuncture, Personal and Nutritional Training

Ashlea Wright’s life’s work is dedicated to helping others on their path to healing. Certified by the Oklahoma Healing Arts Institute in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Ashlea incorporates a wide range of techniques and philosophies to assist her clients in reaching their highest level of physical wellbeing. As an athlete and a certified yoga instructor, Ashlea understands the interrelated nature of body and mind. She holds certifications in pilates, cycling, and weight lifting training, as well as fitness training for seniors. Drawing on her own athletic experience, her yoga practice, and her knowledge of diet and nutritional therapy, Ashlea is able to offer a unique and personal experience to those seeking to repair and revitalize their body and spirit. Ashlea’s faith in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, in conjunction with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, has enabled her to help her patients heal and thrive. You can book directly through Fit Spa's MindBody app.


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