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What is the Neubie?

The Neubie ("Neuro-Bio-Electric") is a patented and FDA-cleared direct current (DC) stimulation device. Using DC has several unique effects on patients, including promoting

tissue healing and optimizing the healing and repairing of bone, muscle, connective tissue,

and nerves. While repairing and healing the body takes time, the Neubie is even better

known for creating “Wow” moments with patients who make functional changes

very quickly. In a recent survey of hundreds of patients, over 90% noticed

tangible progress in their first session, including reductions in pain or spasticity,

increases in range of motion, and improvements in strength and coordination.

Another benefit of using the Neubie device is that it creates greater sensory

and afferent neurological input to accelerate the process of neuromuscular re-education.



We can find exactly where your weak links are that allowed your body to become compromised in the first place. By improving these areas, the body is supported to maximally engage its healing processes.


With NeuFit, one exercise session works your muscles as much as several traditional gym workouts. Your muscles and metabolic rate will adapt accordingly, and your results are dramatically accelerated. 


Our system is so stimulating that it causes your whole nervous system to work better. As your bandwidth and processing speeds increase, so too will your strength, speed, and precision of movement.



SINGLE SESSION          $90

The NeuFit system uses a direct current, electrical component to retrain the brain and our bodies. Our brains take in information and send out information to our body. Sometimes our brains can get in a cycle of pain and/or muscle dysfunction. The goal in NeuFit is to give your brain the tools and power to self-correct.  It can also be used for a safe and very effective workout or recovery.


Standard Session  $50

30 Minute Session  $85

Hydro Current Therapy is used on the hands and feet.  Our FDA approved Neubie safely sends electric currents through water to increase blood flow, promoting healing, decreased inflammation and pain relief.  Many of our current patients have received relief from arthritis, trigger finger, foot fracture, plantar fasciitis and general well foot/hand health.


Standard Session  $50

Extended Master Reset  $85

The Master Reset is a therapy to promote increase of parasympathetic nervous system and balancing your fight or flight system. Rest comfortably on your back with the electrical pads on the spine and feet, swaddled and listening to binaural beats.   This therapy gives your nervous system the support it needs to be well.  Current patients experience decreased stress, better sleep, improved mood and immune function.



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