Pure Sweat (purify ME)

Sweat amplifying cream
Get faster results from sauna sessions & workouts with an intensified sweat.
- Triples sweating
- Increases circulation
- Accelerates caloric burn
- Releases built up toxins
- Fights muscle fatigue
- Targets problem areas
- Enhances vasodilation


Using Pure Sweat during a sauna session & workouts can substantially improve circulation, energy, and sweating, activate slow to respond areas and accelerate warm up and recovery time for a more effective sauna session or workout. These effects help bring the skin’s natural nutrients to the surface while flushing out unwanted impurities. Applying Pure Sweat to problem areas (such as upper thighs & hips for women and stomach & the sides of waist for men) activates circulation & intensifies sweating for faster results.
Pure Sweat’s ingredients also include a variety of beneficial antioxidants and moisturizers such as Pomegranate, Acai, Coconut Oil, Kosher Jojoba Oil, Squalane Oil, and Vitamin E.